The four coolest things made by humankind

I’ve been fortunate to see quite a few of humanity’s accomplishments in my travels. There are many that I’d like to add to that list but just haven’t made it there yet (I’m coming for you Pyramids of Giza…).

Machu Picchu, Peru

It’s not just an impressive structure, it’s an impressive structure built at 12,000 feet! The thought of having to get all of the materials up to that altitude is incredible. The llamas are pretty cool too (unless they’re alpacas…doh!)

The Great Wall of China

It’s the one man-made structure that can be seen from space. It’s not just long, but it did the job. Getting up and over would be impossible if defended by an army. Crazy idea but simple!

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Ever since I was little I was fascinated by the idea of Ancient Greece. The gods of Olympus, the legends and myths, the heroes and villains. They were all mesmerizing to me.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris, France

So it may not compare in size to the other three, but Notre Dame was one of the coolest sites I’ve visited. To the casual viewer, it’s just another beautiful, old European church, but if you look closely, the detail in the construction and the stories that are told in every nook and cranny are awe-inspiring! I could have spent days in and around there!

What else you got folks? What other man-made structures or places have inspired you?

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