The four things I never, ever want to do again

Adventures are exhilarating and the adrenaline rushes can be memorable, but there are just a few things, let’s be honest, that we all would never do again.  I picked up a little life lesson from an old mentor of mine: “I’ll try anything once.”  I want to be the kind of person who tries new things (because honestly, I’m not that person, I have almost no curiosity to speak of).  I do things because I want to say I’ve done them and it’s more distasteful for me to be ignorant than for me to experience something I don’t end up enjoying.

So here’s my list of “never again’s”:

Eat balut

For those of you who don’t know, balut is a delicacy in Asia.  They are sold for pennies on the street and eaten as snacks.  It doesn’t taste as bad as it looks, but hard boiled, fertilized duck egg is just a hard thing to … well swallow.  The egg I tried had been fertilized for 21 days before it was prepared, the best ones are hard boiled at 18 days.  The additional days meant that the inside had a body cavity I couldn’t bite through, a small beak beginning to form and little feathers… yeah… never again.

Ride in an African bus for 22 hours

Friends, I know many of you have had worse, and longer, and more horrific experiences and I do not discount those, but for my personal experience, the hellish journey, the heat, the smell and the claustrophobia were just a once in a lifetime deal for me.  Twenty. Two. Hours.

Brush my teeth with Guatemalan tap water

Guatemala and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love Guatemala and Guatemala’s intestinal parasites love me.   Enough said.

Touch the floor in China

Sometimes you just stick with what you’re best at.  China does walls but not floors.  The country and culture (and food) have some incredible things to rave about…the hygiene and sanitation is not one of them (at least in the places I personally visited…grain of salt).  Squatty potty water should not be used to mop the carpet…the c.a.r.p.e.t.  But maybe that’s just me.

What else you got?  Anything you’d never do again?

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