Prophetic Names: the Nobility

Continuing on with some research, and having my middle name “Patrick” falling into this category, I wanted to feature some names that stand out for their connection to royalty.  These names mean “of the nobility” in most cases and I believe carry a mantle of leadership, governance and identity.  If you’ve never read The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson it’d be worth your time to pick it up.  It’s a great read on our identity as princes and princesses in the Kingdom.

Allison Leigh Johnston

I think it’s remarkable how accurately your entire name describes who you are and the things that are important to you!

Allison –  Allison has a couple meanings that pop up somewhat interchangeably.  The first is “of the nobility” (hence the inclusion in this post).  If anyone promotes living as royalty, living in abundance and promoting an identity of nobility, it’s Allison.  Another meaning came up, and that was “honesty and truth.”  As the poster child for and the preeminent advocate for “feedback” there’s probably no greater namesake you could wish for.  Notice the beauty of the two meanings walking hand in hand.  The nobility which is rooted in honesty and truth.

Leigh – This was by far the most frequent women’s middle name that came up in the comments from the blog.  As with “Allison”, “Leigh” came up with two definitions.  It literally means “meadow” or “in the meadow” but another meaning that came up in multiple locations was: “healer.”  For those that are interested, check out Allison’s blog at … her tagline is “raising the dead.”  Sounds like “healer” is deeply rooted.  The “meadow” side of things was interesting as well.  A meadow is technically a plot of fertile land near water.  The reason you usually envision cows or horses in a “meadow” is because it’s where the best, most nutritious grass grows.  It’s a place that’s fed, that’s lush, that’s perpetually supplied and provides.  A meadow is not a place of barrenness, it’s a place of life.

Johnston – The “-ton” ending for a lot of names is exactly what it sounds like “town.”  So Johnston is literally “John’s town.”  Clearly the etymology is locational in nature.  I looked one step deeper and did some research into “John” and it means “Yahweh is gracious.”  How awesome to have a piece of God’s name included in yours.  Think about grace today Allison.  Johnston speaks to the grace and graciousness of Abba.  It’s your family name and your legacy.  Yahweh. Is. Gracious.

Amanda Janell King

I wanted an example of nobility shown in a surname.  Having “King” as a last name seems to be as good a place as any.  So let’s look.

Amanda -This blew me away.  Amanda means “worthy of love.”  It’s one of the few names I’ve come across that validates an identity this way.  It’s not about what you do, or what you’re supposed to do or even who you are, it’s about your value.  Your name affirms the way God created you: worthy of love.  As with all names, you can see this as descriptive (something you feel strongly about that seems to characterize you) but it can also be redemptive (it may be the reminder that despite your past or experiences with love, God still feels this way about you: you are worthy of love).  One other perspective though, is that it can be the thing you notice and are called to speak into others.  You may notice the absence of this value in others, the doubt and the question and it may be your charge to remind people: you are worthy of love.

Janell – This is another name that has a God component to it.  Janell is a derivative of “Jane” which means “Jehovah has been gracious, He has shown favor.”  Beautiful isn’t it.  Differentiated with “Allison”, Jane and Janell have more to do with the past.  This is the track record.  Jehovah HAS shown favor.  Your testimony is a gift.  Your story is a tool and a basis for a faith for the future.

King – In doing some research for “King” as a surname, it wasn’t actually defined as a last name for somebody.  It wasn’t “His Royal Highness, John King.”  It actually came as a nickname for someone who played the role of a king in a drama.  It also was used as kind of a “King of the mountain” or one who one the right to be on top, a winner.  Regardless, there’s a nobility about this name and it’s a family name, not just an individual name.  “King” can be descriptive or redemptive, as always, it’s your choice.

Ezekiel Richard Jacobs

This will be an interesting analysis given that little Zeke is not even a year old.  However, I love the strength behind this name.  Way to go Corey and Laura!

Ezekiel – Literally means, “strength of God.”  Look out world, when this little guy walks into his destiny, he does so with a namesake that commands power.  We all have big hopes, but an even stronger faith to believe that this boy will be a man who razes strongholds, obliterates disease and sickness, withstands incredible onslaughts from the enemy and stands firm in the storms.

Richard – You guys remember the story of Robin Hood right?  King Richard was off fighting the crusades when Robin Hood had to care for the people of Nottingham in his absence.  Yet Richard was a hero.  When he returned he set things right and re-took command of his land.  Richard means “strong, powerful ruler.”  I think our little guy is destined for leadership.

Jacobs – Jacobs and “James” share a common root.  You remember the story of Jacob in scripture.  He was the “supplanter”.  If you go back and read my description of my own name “James” you’ll see a more thorough description.  Suffice it to say, we’re taking back the land from the enemy and declaring it (for the entire family) for the kingdom of heaven!

There are several others of you who have names that reflect royalty.

Sara Jane Choe, Sara Marie Hooper Williams, Ryan Nathaniel Doles- Sara means “princess”, Ryan means “little king”

Caitlin Alise Parker, Patricia Margaret McClure, Heidi Marie Tobe -Alise, Patricia and Heidi all mean “of the nobility”

Stephanie Dianne Pridgen (et al), Emily Diane Tuttle – Diane means “divine” and Stephanie means “crowned one”

I’m in the process of trying to respond to all of your requests.  I’ll still pray into the names you submit.  Just leave a comment, full legal name, no commentary and I’ll look into it.

Prophetic Names: Mighty Warriors

Having such a variety and quantity of names to sift through (almost 30 of you responded with your names!  whoa!) there were some interesting trends.  I was trying to figure out how to focus the energies of this blog series and I think I’m going to start out with some commonalities.

As you look into your name prophetically, I’m starting to gain an understanding that your name can fall into a few different categories:

1) Descriptive – Your name might be (strangely coincidentally or prophetically…wherever you fall on that spectrum) exactly who you are.  It’s your personality, it’s what you do with your life, it’s how you see the world instinctively, etc.

2) Redemptive – Some of you have names that describe someone completely opposite of you.  As in my last post, my sisters I believe have redemptive names.  The challenges in their lives and the enemy’s assaults on their minds and hearts fly dramatically in the face of their namesakes.  It’s a good thing they’re hearing their names so frequently.  God is redeeming.

3) Destiny – Some of you have names that are choc full of destiny.  As in today’s post, some have an assignment wrapped up in the prophetic nature of their name.  Battles to fight, beauty to recognize, people to protect, issues to overcome, I think there are many of you who have the opportunity to embrace a greater calling than you’ve currently realized.  Your name says it all.

4) Legacy – Many of you have names that describe where your ancestry was from.  Whether or not you care about ancestry or even know about it, there’s a spiritual legacy that you descend from and a legacy you have been charged to leave.  I’ll explain more on this in a later post.

I’m still sifting through a lot and having to do a lot of research beneath the surface of your names.  I think that various combinations of the above can be present in one name.  I’m not sure how valuable it actually is to try and break it down because the prophetic side of things is so unique to who you are as an individual.

Nevertheless, I want to feature a few individuals whose names I have been truly inspired by.  In noticing some trends, these few individuals areWARRIORS!  Their names are about battles and victory and about defending the defenseless and living in victory!  The charge to all is the same: you are protectors of the things that are important.  Thank you for embracing that and know on behalf of us all that it means a great deal to see you walk in your destiny.

Dustin Cole Suttle

Dustin – Warrior.  That’s all it says in every place I look.

Cole – Warrior.  Two for two man!  Did your parents know?!

Suttle – This surname has an etymology that is defined as “cunning and clever.”  As soon as I read this (after having researched your first and middle name) I got the sense that you’re like Sun Tsu, author ofThe Art of War.  He is known as a brilliant strategist in war and an unprecedented understanding of psychology given his time.  Dustin, I believe that the battlefield is your choice, but that the charge on your life is to do as God to Adam in the Garden: take dominion and subdue.  Your last name, though, says that this is not about being a caveman with a club or a brute.  I believe you’re more like a ninja.  There’s a finesse and sophistication to your tactics.  Be sure to find yourself on the battlefield somewhere for you are a warrior my friend.

Kelly Lynn Chadwick

Kelly – Whether a name for a male or a female, Kelly means “warrior” and “defender”.  I see this as a descriptive name.  One of Kelly’s signature strengths is “Command.”  You are a woman of conviction and a woman of passion.  You choose the hills you’ll die on strategically and intentionally.

Lynn – This is a somewhat common middle name for women.  Lynn means “waterfall.”  While many names have to do with rivers, oceans, waters, I think I like this one the best.  I believe this is the artist that is manifested in your identity.  Water is movement, a waterfall is constant, it leaps from the highest of heights in an exhilarating free fall no matter how deep the depths.  It’s a display of beauty and courage.  People go to great lengths to see a waterfall.  They’re majestic and command attention.

Chadwick – I found a few descriptions of Chadwick, but the one that came up most often was “from the warrior’s town.”  There’s a beautiful legacy here Kelly.  I believe there’s a prophetic word here: you come from a place where you are identified as a warrior, and find yourself amidst other warriors, these warriors are your family.  You are not alone, you are a part of something larger than yourself and these are not people you’ve found and collected, they’re your people.  It’s almost as if you can’t really remember who found who.  But the past is never as important as the future, and the battle that will soon begin.

Matthew David Williams

What a great name my friend.  Williams, as a surname, means “resolute protector.”  There’s actually a root there of the word “helmet.”  It means you are a man of conviction, determination and resolve.  Red hot heart, ice cold mind.  Matthew means “gift of God” and David means “beloved.”  Both strong names.  You have a tenderness to you, but the beast emerges when those you care for are in harms way.  Walk in the identity and understand the destiny.

Alexandria Nichole Hiers

Nikki I love your name!  Both of your first names have roots in the male version (Alexander and Nicholas).  Alexandria means (get this) “defender of mankind.” Nichole means “victorious”.  Both are names with big callings and ones you may need to evaluate as you pursue the next seasons of your life.  Your name says that you are already victorious but that your calling is to defend others.  I believe Alexandria may even be a call on your life for intercession and understanding spiritual warfare.  I believe there’s a discernment that’s going to get developed as you allow it.  What do you defend mankind against except for the accuser of the brethren?  Hiers I think is an interesting balance.  It literally means “one who grows hay.”  There’s a sustenance there, a strong, faithfulness.  One who grows hay feeds, provides stability, is a person of discipline and sees value in giving care.

I’ll keep the door open to any of you that want your name prayed into.  Just leave a comment with your e-mail address and I’ll look into it.  Remember, full legal name, no commentary.

Prophetic Names: Joy and Faith

There was a rather overwhelming response to many of you who were interested in your names.  I’ve done some research and hope to follow up.  But I wanted to see what God put on my heart.

My mom and I have a pretty firm belief in prophetic names, mainly because of my two sisters and the names they carry.  I believe my sisters are excellent examples of why names might be a reflection of hope.  My mom told me yesterday after reading Wednesday’s blog that she’s always prayed that my sisters would be reminded of God’s best for them every time they hear their names.

Joy Marie McCarty Youell

Joy  – This name doesn’t need much explanation.  I’ve heard joy described as differentiated from happiness.  Happiness depends on your circumstances and is an emotion.  Joy is a worldview and preemptive state of mind.  I’ve watched this incredibly strong woman of God confront depression in her life and live as a woman of joy regardless of emotion or environment.

Marie – Marie is a rather common middle name.  It’s a derivative of Mary and Miriam in Scripture both of which mean “bitter waters.”  Scholars and theologians have debated for centuries why God chose a mother of the Messiah to carry the name “bitter waters.”  Mara is another derivative and is taken from Exodus 15 where the Israelites encountered the bitter waters of Marah.  I’ve heard spins and twists put on this to try and make it sound different or more noble than what it is, but “bitter waters” is what it means.  Moses was given a remedy for the bitter waters in Exodus, he was directed to a piece of wood which he threw into the waters and it became fit to drink.  There are bitter waters all around us.  Look at the hurt, offended, abused, violated people around us.  The healthiest might be able to live in hope of God’s redemption, the sickest tend to go into bitterness.  This name may be less about what it is and more about the unique ability to notice it, negotiate it and guide through it.  The bitter waters may be a choice both personally and in ministry.  Our family has been hurt deeply in our lives and may have many justifiable reasons to be bitter…do we choose Joy instead?

Faith Christine McCarty Cedela

Faith – What a beautiful name.  It’s such a powerful statement.  It’s the foundation of who we are as Christians.  Hebrews says faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  We have a shield of faith with which we can extinguish all flaming arrows of the enemy.  My sister has used faith in her life to overcome fear and anxiety.  Our family has had a long battle with fear and anxiety.  Faith is a strong woman who has faced many fears and will face many to come.

Christine – Many names with the word “Christ” in them are rightly assumed to have some connection to Jesus.  Christine is no exception.  It means “Christ-bearer”.  I think of it in terms of wearing the most awesome name tag ever.  A Christ-bearer wears the name of Christ, is secure in that identity, isn’t afraid or ashamed to be associated and has even chosen their side.  When the chips have fallen and the line has been drawn in the sand, there’s a quiet security and visible understanding that the side of Christ has been chosen.

I said in my last post in describing my own name that McCarty means “loving”.  Joy and Chris have an insatiable love of the mission field.  They’ve both traveled the world and are currently investing in a community in Haiti.  Some of their favorite pictures are holding children in Africa, Cambodia, and Haiti.  Faith and Mark are about half way through a pregnancy that will deliver them a whole new precious person into their lives.  Faith has been working for the last several years with children and on getting her certification in preschool management.  To watch her look at a child or watch the gentleness she uses in caring for them is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.  I believe my sisters understand love in ways I’m still learning.  They’ve taught me more just by living their lives than they’ll ever know.


Many of you submitted your names in the comments but didn’t give your e-mail.  I plan on posting some of my findings on the blog, but I have some basic research into many of your names completed.  Shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll e-mail you what I find if I don’t end up posting here on the blog.  If you didn’t submit your name the first time around and still want me to pray into it, leave your name and e-mail in a comment.

Prophetic Names – My Name

I’ve been on this kick lately of being obsessed with people’s names.  There’s something deeply prophetic about names.  I don’t know how much spiritually gets transacted when someone is given a name, but I’ve been given too much evidence that your name says something about you.

Either names make the person or the person becomes the name, but I believe even in the garden, it was important for things to have names.  Adam’s first assignment was to name the animals.  Every time God created something in Genesis 1-2 he “called” it something.  And at the end of it all he said this: it was good.

I have an obsession with naming things.  I recently got a fish tank and even though several fish have died, my first agenda upon purchasing my first eight fish was to promptly name them.  It’s been a fun task and my roommates and I have agreed to name our fish after our mutually favorite sit-com characters.  I like things having names.

I’ve recently done some research into the meaning of my name and several others around me and I’ve been astounded at how accurate and insightful they have been.  For example, here’s my name and what I’ve found:

James  – I’ve always liked the name Jesus gave the brothers James and John (his disciples) which was “Boanerges” which meant “sons of thunder”.  I’ll take it!  That sounds awesome!  But James is traditionally understood as a derivative of Jacob which means…get ready… “supplanter.”  I can’t tell you how disappointing that has been every time I’ve looked it up because really, I’ve had no idea what its meant…until recently.  “Supplanter” means to overthrow and take the place of another.  Think back to the story of Jacob and him taking his brother’s birthright.  I always saw this as an undesirable namesake, who wants to be that guy?!  But recently I had someone explain a different perspective: what if you were supplanting something that was supposed to be supplanted?  For example, if in Matthew 4 Satan was correct when he said that all the kingdoms on earth had been given to him, then wouldn’t he be worth supplanting or dethroning?  ABSOLUTELY!  I want to be THAT GUY!  Now, while that might be one interpretation, I believe at the very least that “supplanting” is my choice.  If there’s a prophetic edge to this, it’s my choice to determine what I’ll do with it.  I don’t have to be this person, but it might be that I’m supposed to be.

Patrick – I got some strong family heritage in this name.  There’s a whole wing of the family with the last name Patrick.  Simply put, it means “nobility.”  This is getting better and better, dethrone the enemy and take that throne for the kingdom of Christ!

McCarty – The “Mc” is an Irish thing.  When the Irish immigrated over to the states, many of them added the “O'” or “Mc” to the front of their name so they could hold on to some heritage (I’m okay knowing where I came from…that’s good stuff).  But McCarty is basically “loving.”  There it is.  I knew there was some pastoral truth tied up in there.

It’s possible that my name (especially given that I’m a “Junior” as well…carrying on my father’s legacy) could be part of my destiny.  Usurp the enemy’s entitlement to spaces and hearts.  Take the throne of those spaces and living like royalty (which comes with its expectation of leadership, governance and oversight).  And above all else: love.

Wow…that’s powerful (and I wrote it… LOL).

I’m convinced that names are either going to be highly reflective of what is obvious, or are going to prophetically speak what is most challenging to overcome.  Living up to a name is an admirable endeavor.

I’d like to do a couple of blogs where I pray into the meaning behind some of your names.  If you’re interested, leave me a comment or e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do.  Be sure it’s your legal name and include your middle/first name (depending on what you go by).  Don’t give me any commentary, I want to pray into it and see how the Lord speaks.  I’d like to post what I find here so be sure to let me know if that’s okay with you.

The 4 Houses of Hogwarts

Get the jabs in now, but I’ll admit it: I’m a Harry Potter fan.  I’ve heralded (rightly or wrongly so…it’s my perception so it’s my reality…deal with it) that Harry Potter is the greatest literary achievement of our generation (in speaking of it’s widespread influence in vernacular, identification and in my opinion: the right story for the times).

All this being said, this isn’t the point of this post.

I haven’t found many to understand my take on this facet of the story, but I think it illustrates something I’ve been pondering for a while now.

I’ve been thinking about admirable virtues.  You know, the character qualities individuals can possess and exhibit that other people are impressed by, that make them praiseworthy.

I asked Michael Hindes once what the most important character quality to have was, in his opinion.  Without hesitation he answered “loyalty.”  Hmm…that was a good choice.

In Harry Potter, the four houses of Hogwarts are defined by some admirable virtue.  Almost every book references them.  The children in the story are sorted by which characteristic they have the most potential to develop, what will drive and motivate them.  They have a magical way of determining their placement: a sorting hat.  The hat is able to see down to their deepest makeup and the hat decides where they are best suited…

…with the exception of Harry Potter…in fact, it’s critical to the storyline that the sorting hat actually has difficulty in placing Harry.  We learn that at the critical moment of truth, the hat actually changes its mind (just go with it) because Harry chooses who he would rather be.  It’s an interesting commentary on victimization and empowerment.  Can you be a person of character?  Can you choose who you’ll be and how you’ll behave?

It’s led me to a question about the virtues I value…and the person I want to be.








Virtue: HARD WORKING                     Virtue: COURAGE

Virtue: WISDOM                               Virtue: AMBITION

I like these.  In fact, in some sense, I prize all of these and want these to be true of my life.

I’m not sure I have a conclusion here but I do have a recommendation.  It’s my personal challenge to determine my top three most admirable virtues.  I want you to do the same.  Leave a comment and list your top three.  I’m curious to see what you say and see the things you value.

My thought is this: it may not be important what you value, but that you value something.

As an addendum, it may not be as important what you value as long as you’ve decided what’s important.

Modern Proverbs

I love it when people use proverbs they don’t really understand. I don’t mean a reference to the book after Psalms or even cheesy cliche or catchphrases. I’m talking about oldies but goodies.

“A watched pot never boils.”

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Red in the morning, sailor’s take warning. Red sky at night sailor’s delight.”

Seriously? Who uses these anymore? Who even really understands why looking a horse in the mouth would be something to avoid?

My mom always taught me that “history repeats itself.” I’m thirty now and I’m just beginning to understand this. I don’t mean that we’re going to go back to the stone ages and rediscover fire. I mean that the issues of the past will resurface at some point and manifest in the given time in just another cycle. We have histories full of wars and have just discovered more colorful (or more “humane”) ways to commit genocide (please sense the sarcasm). But the heart of man really hasn’t changed. My roommate said to me one night “time creates new problems.” (Good one Jared). But man’s response to those problems really only comes from one or two basic roots.

Modern proverbs are for the time. They’re not really timeless, they’re just repackaged. Our generation just loves profound things. I don’t mean “loves”…I actually mean is o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with profound things. In working with young adults for a living, I can tell them a nugget of truth in plain words and get about 10% retention (that’s generous by the way). But if I put it in a song or illustrate it in a story, it’s like I just suggested that everlasting gobstoppers were real and that I had one for each of them.

I like proverbs. I actually keep a note page on my phone to keep track of observations I have about the world. Figuring out the world and understanding how it works is fascinating to me. Right now here are a few I have:

“Passion is the motivation of the young.”

“Immature conviction has hugely destructive potential.”

“Beauty is not dependent on my recognition of it.”

I’m trying them on for size. Maybe there’s merit to them, maybe there’s not. I’m looking at the world to see if there’s wisdom in there somewhere.

That’s the point right? The response to Solomon’s prayer?

“I will do what you have asked. I will give you a wise and discerning heart, so that there will never have been anyone like you, nor will there ever be.” 1 Kings 3:12

Let’s find this wisdom folks. It’s getting some good reviews.

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