My  name is Jimmy.  I go by “Jimmy” because my dad, grandfather, both great-grandfather’s on my dad’s side, two great-uncles and two second cousins are all “Jim”…and it’s my attempt at some individuality.  I figure great men have gone by “Jimmy” so why shouldn’t I?  Sure it’s “Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t care” or “Jimmy Dean” or the more recent… “Jimmy Choo!”

I’ve been all over the world…32 countries and counting.  All 6 major continents.

I love life.  Yes that does mean I enjoy it, but what I mean is I’m fascinated by it.  Social interaction, human behavior, what truly motivates people, why things are the way they are, what people are afraid of, what people want, what people are willing to sacrifice and the things they’re willing to sacrifice to get.

I love strategic endeavors.

I love music and art even though I’m wired to think logically and in a linear fashion.

I like closure.

I like people to be included.

I like knowing what’s coming.

I like challenging myself to react to the unknown or crisis.

I want to understand intimacy the way God understands it.

I want to be a better proposer of questions than provider of answers.

This is a steep climb but if this isn’t what I want, I should have bailed a long time ago.

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