I Want a Nation: Americas

Continents are hard enough when considering the diversity contained within the nations that make up their borders without having two continents with the same basic name. North and South America are newer to the history books, but proud of their own heritage and just as rich and deep in ancestry. Consider the native American tribes of North America; the Incan, Mayan and Aztec cultures of central and South America; and the Caribbean flare to boot, we’re talking a wide, diverse, beautiful mosaic of stories.


ruler of his household, land of the prince, master workman, leader

Most of us were taught in school that America was named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. This is the widely accepted background but a few others would say that “America” comes from the British name “Emeric” which is the British version of what Americans would call “Henry.”

To be honest, in my research it didn’t matter because the etymology of the names all came back to some common trends. Leaders, masters, rulers, you can see this trend of independence and authority woven throughout any version of the name. The question then becomes is what prophetic value these names have.

It would be easy to analyze this from our own United States perspective but it would be unfair and grossly disproportionate to apply a single prophetic word to a small population in one corner of the western hemisphere. So instead of taking what I know from my own culture, I want to just dig into the prophetic nature of these meanings and see what we find.

“Ruler of his household” was a meaning probably given by some of the brave explorers on their quest for liberation. However, what happens to a culture who begins to see themselves as masters of themselves and only themselves? Where does the sense of community go, the sense of family, where does it stop when one’s world begins to shrink but into complete narcissism.

If the Americas are truly “master workman” then what prophetic responsibility does that give but to create, to mold, to produce, or to set an example? There are many great things about the beginnings of the United States for instance but knowing what we know now, would we be as proud and how would we have changed our approach?

As we approach nations like Haiti which are in the process of national restoration or consider the revolutions in Argentina or the tumultuous present of Colombia, Venezuela, or Mexico, what do we wish and what is our prophetic responsibility here?


Stand tall and create something worth noting! May the history books be filled with successes, with contrition, with compassion, with consideration and with conviction! From Arctic to Antarctic flee the temptation to rule yourself and look to the hope unity can provide! You are MORE than the land of the prince, you are land of the KING of KINGS! Worship Him and Him alone!

Here are some country names in the North and South American regions.

Antigua and Barbuda – ancient and bearded Argentina – silvery land

Bahamas – land of the shallow sea Barbados – the bearded ones

Belize – muddy water, beacon Bolivia – land of Bolivar, windmill in the valley

Brazil – red wood, red ember, isle of the blessed, land of the holy cross

Canada – village, the land where “nothing is here” (referring to gold), where the river narrows

Chile – where the land runs out/ends; cold, snow, depths

Colombia – land of Columbus, Condor’s nest, march

Costa Rica – rich coast Cuba – abundant, fertile land, great place

Dominican Republic – belonging to the Lord, abounding in rocks, navigable waters

Ecuador – republic of the equator El Salvador – the savior Guatemala – the place of many trees

Haiti – mountainous land Honduras – depths

Jamaica – land of wood and water, land of springs Mexico – naval of the moon or “sun”

Nicaragua – water Panama – the place of many fish or the place of many butterflies

Paraguay – crowned river or the river that comes from water

Peru – river Trinidad and Tobago – island of the Holy Trinity, tobacco

Uruguay – shellfish waters Venezuela – little Venice (city of water)

There’s something special about prophesying over your own land. If you come from a place in the Western Hemisphere and want God to move here, then leave a comment and prophesy some life over these lands!

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  1. Love this comment; “Broaden your Gaze”!
    I am SO thankful the Lord has broadened my gaze!

    Great blog Jimmy!

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