Prophetic Names: the Nobility

Continuing on with some research, and having my middle name “Patrick” falling into this category, I wanted to feature some names that stand out for their connection to royalty.  These names mean “of the nobility” in most cases and I believe carry a mantle of leadership, governance and identity.  If you’ve never read The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson it’d be worth your time to pick it up.  It’s a great read on our identity as princes and princesses in the Kingdom.

Allison Leigh Johnston

I think it’s remarkable how accurately your entire name describes who you are and the things that are important to you!

Allison –  Allison has a couple meanings that pop up somewhat interchangeably.  The first is “of the nobility” (hence the inclusion in this post).  If anyone promotes living as royalty, living in abundance and promoting an identity of nobility, it’s Allison.  Another meaning came up, and that was “honesty and truth.”  As the poster child for and the preeminent advocate for “feedback” there’s probably no greater namesake you could wish for.  Notice the beauty of the two meanings walking hand in hand.  The nobility which is rooted in honesty and truth.

Leigh – This was by far the most frequent women’s middle name that came up in the comments from the blog.  As with “Allison”, “Leigh” came up with two definitions.  It literally means “meadow” or “in the meadow” but another meaning that came up in multiple locations was: “healer.”  For those that are interested, check out Allison’s blog at … her tagline is “raising the dead.”  Sounds like “healer” is deeply rooted.  The “meadow” side of things was interesting as well.  A meadow is technically a plot of fertile land near water.  The reason you usually envision cows or horses in a “meadow” is because it’s where the best, most nutritious grass grows.  It’s a place that’s fed, that’s lush, that’s perpetually supplied and provides.  A meadow is not a place of barrenness, it’s a place of life.

Johnston – The “-ton” ending for a lot of names is exactly what it sounds like “town.”  So Johnston is literally “John’s town.”  Clearly the etymology is locational in nature.  I looked one step deeper and did some research into “John” and it means “Yahweh is gracious.”  How awesome to have a piece of God’s name included in yours.  Think about grace today Allison.  Johnston speaks to the grace and graciousness of Abba.  It’s your family name and your legacy.  Yahweh. Is. Gracious.

Amanda Janell King

I wanted an example of nobility shown in a surname.  Having “King” as a last name seems to be as good a place as any.  So let’s look.

Amanda -This blew me away.  Amanda means “worthy of love.”  It’s one of the few names I’ve come across that validates an identity this way.  It’s not about what you do, or what you’re supposed to do or even who you are, it’s about your value.  Your name affirms the way God created you: worthy of love.  As with all names, you can see this as descriptive (something you feel strongly about that seems to characterize you) but it can also be redemptive (it may be the reminder that despite your past or experiences with love, God still feels this way about you: you are worthy of love).  One other perspective though, is that it can be the thing you notice and are called to speak into others.  You may notice the absence of this value in others, the doubt and the question and it may be your charge to remind people: you are worthy of love.

Janell – This is another name that has a God component to it.  Janell is a derivative of “Jane” which means “Jehovah has been gracious, He has shown favor.”  Beautiful isn’t it.  Differentiated with “Allison”, Jane and Janell have more to do with the past.  This is the track record.  Jehovah HAS shown favor.  Your testimony is a gift.  Your story is a tool and a basis for a faith for the future.

King – In doing some research for “King” as a surname, it wasn’t actually defined as a last name for somebody.  It wasn’t “His Royal Highness, John King.”  It actually came as a nickname for someone who played the role of a king in a drama.  It also was used as kind of a “King of the mountain” or one who one the right to be on top, a winner.  Regardless, there’s a nobility about this name and it’s a family name, not just an individual name.  “King” can be descriptive or redemptive, as always, it’s your choice.

Ezekiel Richard Jacobs

This will be an interesting analysis given that little Zeke is not even a year old.  However, I love the strength behind this name.  Way to go Corey and Laura!

Ezekiel – Literally means, “strength of God.”  Look out world, when this little guy walks into his destiny, he does so with a namesake that commands power.  We all have big hopes, but an even stronger faith to believe that this boy will be a man who razes strongholds, obliterates disease and sickness, withstands incredible onslaughts from the enemy and stands firm in the storms.

Richard – You guys remember the story of Robin Hood right?  King Richard was off fighting the crusades when Robin Hood had to care for the people of Nottingham in his absence.  Yet Richard was a hero.  When he returned he set things right and re-took command of his land.  Richard means “strong, powerful ruler.”  I think our little guy is destined for leadership.

Jacobs – Jacobs and “James” share a common root.  You remember the story of Jacob in scripture.  He was the “supplanter”.  If you go back and read my description of my own name “James” you’ll see a more thorough description.  Suffice it to say, we’re taking back the land from the enemy and declaring it (for the entire family) for the kingdom of heaven!

There are several others of you who have names that reflect royalty.

Sara Jane Choe, Sara Marie Hooper Williams, Ryan Nathaniel Doles- Sara means “princess”, Ryan means “little king”

Caitlin Alise Parker, Patricia Margaret McClure, Heidi Marie Tobe -Alise, Patricia and Heidi all mean “of the nobility”

Stephanie Dianne Pridgen (et al), Emily Diane Tuttle – Diane means “divine” and Stephanie means “crowned one”

I’m in the process of trying to respond to all of your requests.  I’ll still pray into the names you submit.  Just leave a comment, full legal name, no commentary and I’ll look into it.

23 Replies to “Prophetic Names: the Nobility”

  1. Jimmy, these are awesome! I have always loved the meaning behind names and believe that the prophetic plays a big role into them. Anyway, I’d like to see what you can say about my name; Anna Ruth Coffey. I know what my name means but would love your insight. BTW, I am not sure if you will find the meaning of Coffey so I will just tell you it is Irish and it means “victorious”.

  2. My name fits into this category!!! Kimberly means “from the royal meadow” or if you shorten it to Kim it means “Noble, ruler, leader or chief.” My middle name, Anne, means “Gracious.” I’m thankful my parents gave me a name that every time someone says it, it calls out greatness in me.

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